Recent Projects


Unity3d Frontend uGUI - Unit Testing

Built a small city builder to explore how to utilize Unity's uGUI responsivly, Unit Testing, Addressables, Async Loading Addressables, Scriptable Objects, and integration of unity store MVC assets.

Ended with a custom UIController and FSM to manage input behavior to place Scriptable Objects of tiled building prefabs.

Illustration Bulk Uploader

Python Automation - REST API

Created a configurable .exe in Python made for a client to batch upload around 100 illustrations between two artists that they were behind on.

Worked out the UX of everything they wanted which lead to resizing, watermarking, uploading to REST APIs to archive and set up images for Shopify and social media apps.

The first week of use saved the client ~50 manual hours and is still in use weeks later for new images.

A Little About Me:

I am seeking new opportunities as a Unity3D C# Programmer in the Austin TX area where I can assist with Gameplay, Tool Dev, and the overall User Experience.

I am excited to bring my decade of experience leading creatives on marketing and web development projects in the web agency space into the game industry.

If you need a Unity3d Gameplay Developer with added experience in UX, Tool Development, automation, C-Level account handling, agile, project pitching, and Dev Ops; then we should talk.

I can be reached on Linked-In, Twitter,
and by email at [email protected]


A collection of small 3 day prototypes to try out new ideas or to study new-to-me tech.

Simultaneous turn-based game. Idea was to make a fast turn-based game that felt more like a fighting game. You'd input 3 commands then you and the opponent would dodge/attack simultaneously.

Stopped as couldn't find the fun with the current idea.

Went in to learn how to set-up cloud builds, iOS certs, and mobile input with Unity3d's new input system. Discovered forum documented StartTouch issues with new input system so built with old touch input.

Finished with Swipe and tracking of multiple fingers for pinch-zoom & panning logic.

A small idle game. Took my UI-Controller project and expanded on it to try out some UI components, and work out a management gameplay idea. Worked on Tick progression, UI Progress bars, screen vs world cameras, UI tweening issues, iOS mobile vsync issues.

Finished to go work on other prototypes with the knowledge gained.

Faux Gravity controller. Went in with the idea of "What if I combine Mario Galaxy with Snake." and the idea actually worked quite well.

Finished with plans to expand on it in the future with procedural generation and a better flight camera.

Game Jams

Locked Game

Solo 48 hour Gamejam - GDU 2021

Jam Theme: Unlock.

Completed an FPS puzzle game mechanic where the player has limited controls and has to trade-off controls to unlock different stages of the puzzles.