Marc Hewitt

Game Developer
Austin TX

Recent Experience

Fusion LVC, Austin TX
Unity3d Developer and ASP.NET Core 6
- Senior Dev (Dec '21 to Feb '23)
- Mid Dev (June 2021 to Dec)
- Developed a custom TCP transport layer and setup our multiplayer gameplay
- Project I was lead on won an award at our annual industry event. (Shown below)
- Released a contracted project for XR multiplayer simulation playback viewing, still under NDA.
- Launched a DARPA project, still under NDA but RTS Simulation editor and playback viewer.
- Got to train 5 Unity3d gameplay engineers up in better patterns, Agile, and ASP.NET

Looking for a New Studio

I can be reached on Linked-In, and
by email at [email protected]

Awards '22

Awarded by Unity3D - Creators Award Best XR LVC
Awarded for our innovation in miltiary training XR,
I was the lead on the project, development time of 1 year.

My Technical Articles

A sample of Medium articles I have published to help explain technical concepts to others.

Intro to Unity Physics
A 4 part series

Modern game engines have a strong base physics system. This base system is great and used everywhere in the engine, so with this series I'll go over the fundamental four tools you need to...
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Code To Make Your
Designers Life Easier

As a coder your often coding a toolbox of abilities for your team to use. So you need to code for your designers to be able to use them without Slacking you...
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Easy Small Studio CI
Continuous Integration

Game Dev CI is tough for everyone!
But it is not impossible for small teams.
With cloud computing and open source community projects we have premade templates perfect for...
[In Progress of writing]

2021 Projects

Unity3d Frontend C#

- Unity UGui UI
- MVC UI components
- Unit Testing
- Scriptable Objects
- Addressables
- Designer Friendly

Built a small city builder prototype to explore how to utilize Unity's Responsive MVC UI with Unity's UGUI.I setup an Event Bus with Delegates, Unit Testing, Async Loading Addressables, Scriptable Objects, MVC UI, and integrated a unity store for the infinite scroll that I extended to fit the system.Finished the prototype with a custom UI system that a designer could use to establish new UI Views and add assets to the game without development assistance. This was done with Scriptable Object behaviors and tiled building prefabs, along with Unity's Addressable system.

Python Automation
Bulk Image Uploader

- Python EXE
- Pillow
- API Integration GDrive
- API Integration Trello
- API Integration Social Media
- API Integration Shopify

Freelance, created a configurable .exe in Python made for an indie art client to edit and batch upload around 150 illustrationsThe first week of use saved the client ~50 hours of manual clicking and is still in use for new images. Was enhanced afterwards for Shopify API integration to automate draft product creation.

Miro Wireframe Closeup

Worked out the flow of everything they wanted which lead to resizing, watermarking, uploading to REST APIs to handle archiving and setting up images for Shopify and social media apps with manual steps.

2021 Prototypes

A collection of small 2 to 3 day prototypes to try out new ideas or to study new-to-me tech.

Simultaneous turn-based game. Idea was to make a fast turn-based game that felt more like a fighting game. You'd input 3 commands then you and the opponent would dodge/attack simultaneously.Couldn't find the fun with the current idea so stopped to iterate a different direction.

Went in to learn how to set-up cloud builds, iOS certs, and mobile input with Unity3d's new input system. Discovered forum documented StartTouch issues with new input system so built with old touch input.Finished with Swipe and tracking of multiple fingers for pinch-zoom & panning logic as well as direct build to IOS / Android via CI pipeline.

A small idle game. Took my UI-Controller project and expanded on it to try out some UI components, and work out a management gameplay idea. Worked on Tick progression, UI Progress bars, screen vs world cameras, UI tweening issues, iOS mobile vsync issues, and Mediator pattern.Finished to go work on other prototypes with the knowledge gained on how to better handle Unity's Components and Events.

Faux Gravity controller. Went in with the idea of "What if I combine Mario Galaxy with Snake." and the idea was actually fun to make and play.Finished with plans to expand on it in the future with procedural generation and a better flight camera to travel to new worlds and get bigger.

Game Jams

Jam - WWI December 2022

Mini Jam Theme: One Room.2 Hour jam, completed a configurable interactable system with NavMesh and animation Timeline states that would allow a 3d artist and designer to tweak in Unity. Idea was coding a mechanic to use to build into a hectic "Tiny Apartment" game where you have to get ready for work in a cramp space.Overcook's hectic energy came to mind as I built this out with the idea of having to prep breakfast, make bed, pull everything up, put things away, and get out the door fast for the daily work commute.

Tiny Apartment

2 Hour Mini Jam - Solo

5 Second Game Loop

2 Hour Mini Jam - Solo

Jam - WWI November 2022

Mini Jam Theme: 5 Second Gameplay2 hours jam Made a rhythmic clicker with screenshake. What is not obvious from gif is the additional spawn manager logic to dynamically shift difficulty off performance.Went with simple concept to practice Juicing it up. Screenshake, music, colors, and tweening made it in. Started adding adaptive audio to adjust with intensity of spawner, and additional SFX / VFX but ran out of time for the 2 hour jam.

Jam - WWI October 2022

Mini Jam Theme: Unstable.2 Hour jam, completed a configurable spell system that allowed a designer to insert a "normal spell attack" and an "Unstable" version. The quick idea was unstable spell would cast at random for bigger damage but it knocks the player down stunning them and making them vulnerable for a moment.Used a wrapper around Mechanim as a FSM to quickly wire-up animations within the 2 hour limit.

Unstable Spell System

2 Hour Mini Jam - Solo

Unlocking new Inputs

48 Hour Game Jam - Solo

Jam - GDU 2021

Game Jam Theme: Unlock.48 hours jam Completed an FPS puzzle game mechanic where the player has limited controls and has to trade-off controls to unlock different stages of the puzzles.Example, you would lose the ability to turn to be-able to manipulate and move assets with your mouse.